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Ideal Terminal Setup

Terminal Setup in Windows 7.

Every developer will undoubtedly love the bash terminal of Linux and its flavors.Easy setup, autocomplete, out-of-the-box support for most day-to-day commands, console switching.
Unfortunately the Windows terminal and even the Powershell are impossible to work with on a daily basis.
This post will give a detailed analysis on how to setup your terminal for windows.
We will be using Console2 and Cygwin together to create the ultimate development environment.

Step 1: Install Cygwin

Go to and download the installation file depending upon your windows

Step 2: Install the following packages for it

You can initialize the setup again, Cygwin will again ask for the packages to install.
Here are the most-important packages

  1. Admin: cygrunsrv
  2. Doc: cygwin-doc
  3. Doc: man
  4. Editors: vim, nano
  5. Interpreters: perl
  6. Mail: fetchmail
  7. Mail: mutt
  8. Mail: procmail
  9. Net: inetutils
  10. Net: openssh
  11. Net: openssl
  12. Net: autossh
  13. Net: rsync
  14. Shells: bash
  15. Shells: rxvt
  16. Text: less
  17. Utils: cygutils

cygwin-installer for windows

Step 3: Install Console2

Download Console2 from
Here is the link to the latest release

Step 4: Change Default Settings of Console2

Right-click -> Edit -> Settings.
Mostly adapted from Scott’s.

  1. Console:
    1. Shell: C:\cygwin64\Cygwin.bat
    2. Startup Directory: H:/ [your daily workspace]
  2. Appearance:
    1. Font: Consolas
    2. Size: 15
    3. Color: Kermit Green
    4. Selection Color: White
    5. Window Transparency: Alpha, 40%
  3. Behaviour:

    Tick every checkbox in Copy & Paste

  4. Hotkeys:

    I love the default hotkeys in default cmd of ubuntu
    The most important Hotkeys

      New Tab: Ctrl+T

      New Tab 2: Ctrl+Shift+T

      Copy: Ctrl+Shift+C

      Paste: Ctrl+Shift+V

      Close Tab: Ctrl+Q

      Next Tab: Ctrl+Tab

      Previous Tab: Ctrl+Shift+Tab

  5. Tabs:

      Add one more tab for Bash

    1. Title: Bash
    2. Icon: C:\cygwin64\Cygwin-Terminal.ico
    3. Shell: C:\cygwin64\Cygwin.bat

Done.You can now start using console2 like a pro.

console2 settings

Step 5: Install apt-cyg

Everyone developer loves the simplicity of apt-get install, you can have that finally for your windows laptop by using a package called as apt-cyg.
mv apt-cyg /bin/apt-cyg
chmod +x /bin/apt-cyg
apt-cyg install nano

Step 5: Extra: You can even add power-cmd

Under Tabs in Settings
+Add one more tab
Shell: %SystemRoot%\syswow64\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
Icon: Download and set path to it.

Step 6: Set up ssh

Right Click on Cygwin icon and select Run as Administrator
Enter the following command

  1. Shall I create SSH1 RSA key: No
  2. Shall I create SSH2 RSA key: Yes (more secure)
  3. Enter passphrase (like a password):
  4. Enter passphrase again


Step 7: For node-js Users, run dos2unix

apt-cyg install dos2unix
dos2unix /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/nodejs/npm