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Sources for Good Articles.

I love reading.period.Normally I prefer to read on my Kindle for articles or a rusty old novel suits me as well.
I have compiled a list of websites for your daily dose of good well written articles.


This is my top priority for good source of articles.It lists all top reads that people are sharing on readability.
You can be sure that the articles over here will be awesome to read.

This features all the long articles or mini stories that will be good to read on a bus ride.
Its should be your top priority if you love mini-thrillers or in-depth reviews and articles.
If you are on a reading spree do check out their best of lists. These are the Absolute nuggets of gold for reading .

Medium is the third on my list.You should be on the lookout for small, funny ,hilarious , jaw-breaking , mind-bending (insert adjectives) articles.If you are on the lookout for

Their monthly top 100 list is also great list of small useful articles.

Hint : You can even use this browser extension from amazon for sending articles to your Kindle.A true life-save for those who love to read on Kindles.

What do you think ? Have I missed an important articles aggregation website somewhere ?
Do let me know in the comments below.

Web Design Workshop

I had taken a basic Web Design workshop in my college organized via IEEE Vishwakarma Student Chapter.

The Workshop was divided in two phases;the first phase had html and css while the second taught js and bootstrap.
The objective was that the Student has to be able to make simple and basic websites and know how html,css and js works and have upload his own website on

Day 1

Day 2