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Simpel | A free single page template for photographers

Simpel is a free responsive html5 template for photographers specially designed for flexibility and ease of use.
This template is a great way to showcase your portfolio and can be adapted for different features and needs.


It has got the following great features :-

  • Single Page Website.
  • Completely optimized for mobile and tablets.
  • 96% PageSpeed.
  • Completely free to use as in speech.
  • Built on top of the awesome framework Bootstrap.
  • Uses css3 animations and transitions for effects.
  • Smooth scrolling to quickly navigate the page.
  • All the images are downloaded from and are free to use for commercial.

Here’s is a full screenshot :

full screenshot of simpel

Subah | A free responsive theme for app showcase

Subah | A free responsive theme for app showcase

Quick Links :



Intro :

There are now more than 1 million apps on android Every app needs a website to showcase the creator or more apps , I am releasing this theme for the app developers.
I hope you like .Subah means morning in Hindi and that is what this theme is : A new beginning.
Did I mention that that it is completely free to use.

Features :-

  • html5 , css3 , jQuery and Modernizr.
  • Completely Responsive.
  • Uses Bootstrap 3.
  • Uses CSS3 transitions as much as possible.
  • Uses flexible nav jquery plugin.
  • Images are downloaded from that is they are free to use.
  • Uses the web best practices
  • PageSpeed – 96% Link

Here are some screenshots :-